CSLegal to host Ports & Harbours Management Seminar 2017

CSLegal will host a ports & harbours management seminar on September 29th in Yarmouth, NS. The purpose of this event is to bring together members of the ports and harbours management community to discuss operational and planning issues. See the attached poster for more details. Please contact Sarah if you are interested in attending: (902)209-6537 or sarah@cslegal.ca

Port Seminar Poster – 2017

Derelict & Abandoned Vessels in Canadian Waters: Legal Options

Sarah is in Toronto to attend and present at the Coastal Zone Conference 2016. A brief overview of her presentation entitled Derelict & Abandoned Vessels in Canadian Waters: Legal Options is below. To discuss the legal options she proposes, contact Sarah directly to discuss options for specific situations.

The phenomenon of derelict vessels is a recurring challenge for coastal communities. Unseaworthy ships sometimes arrive unannounced; at other times they simply outstay their welcome. Either way, the presence of these vessels threatens the integrity of local economies and marine ecosystems. This is a problem that must be dealt with.

Regrettably, Canadian law surrounding the clean-up of derelict vessels is murky at best. According to federal law and policy, the onus remains on the named owner of a vessel to take responsibility and spearhead the removal process, however many registered owners simply refuse to step up. This unresponsiveness is often explained by burdensome personal and financial histories, which become common backdrops for the condition and circumstances of derelict vessels. Endeavouring to track down the registered owner of a derelict vessel and force him or her to accept responsibility can be expensive and unproductive.

Recognizing these challenges, Sarah suggests the use of some existing legal tools for dealing with derelict and abandoned vessels while highlighting practical gaps and limitations. Drawing upon her experience as a marine lawyer, Sarah shares strategies for working within the current legislative framework to find real solutions and minimize risk, and provides suggestions for legislative and policy development.

For more information, please contact Sarah by phone or e-mail: 902.209.6537 | sarah@cslegal.ca


How we do law differently – CBA Legal Futures

We have been thrilled to take part in the CBA Legal Futures Initiative. We’ve been given the opportunity to talk with and hear from key legal education proponents and planners, lawyers of varying experiences, and law students, about the future of the industry.

In March, CBA released its CBA Legal Futures publication entitled Do Law Differently: Futures for Young Lawyers, and we were invited to take part in its official launch. The OBA and CBA hosted a full day of discussion dedicated to how to train and best prepare current and future lawyers for an ever-changing industry, followed by an evening reception at MARs hosted by LegalX and CBA, showcasing our firm and a number of wonderfully innovative young lawyers who are changing the way we think about the practice of law.

Natalie attended and gave a brief presentation about our firm to a receptive audience. For the future of legal education, she strongly advocates for the integration of practical business training, to help prepare lawyers to understand and optimize their involvement in the business side of running a legal practice – whether large or small.

We’re pleased to be included in this initiative, and look forward to continuing the active discussion with more of our colleagues.