Our Approach

We help you to identify, address, and manage your legal needs.

At CLIFFORD SHIELS LEGAL, we appreciate that you are connected to diverse sources of information – online and otherwise. We consider our clients a vital source of information and expertise when it comes to addressing their legal needs. We want you to tell us how we can cater to your specific needs. This might mean taking full control of your file but could also mean “un-bundling” your legal services. Here are some ways this could work:

  • Sideline advice as you prepare for a small claims hearing
  • Reviewing incorporation documents that you have prepared
  • Explaining your legal rights in a residential tenancy dispute
  • Meeting to discuss estate-planning options
  • Preparing contract templates for you to use in your business
  • Providing an independent legal opinion on one aspect of a transaction

We don’t underestimate the in-depth knowledge and understanding you have of your own situation. Keeping this in mind, we see ourselves as part of the recipe for managing your legal issues.

On your schedule, and in a way that is tailored to suit your needs. 

Our approach centres on your interests:

  • We talk about your needs and goals.
  • We help you to understand the legal aspects of your situation.
  • We explore the most effective use of your resources.
  • We navigate and choose options that work for you.
  • We customize an execution plan that fits your schedule.
  • We help you to navigate the way forward.
Your time is precious and your legal needs are important.

Whenever you choose to call us we will give you value-driven advice that is concise, honest, and in line with your goals.


Here For You • Your Legal Needs • On Your Schedule

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