About Us


Honest, friendly, independent.

At CSLegal we pride ourselves on providing timely, courteous assistance to our clients. We care about results and process, and we value clarity in communication. Whether you are buying your first home, selling a fishing licence, or seeking advice on how to enforce your rights, we understand that you need counsel you can trust.

Our firm is research-oriented, and we love tackling difficult problems. While our small size enables us to remain independent, we frequently team up with other lawyers and professionals to tackle specific projects. We see the future of law as collaborative – both in terms of working alongside our clients, and drawing on their expertise, and engaging with the broader community.

Our primary client base is in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; however, we serve clients from around the world. We have represented clients at Small Claims Court, Provincial Court, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, and Federal Court.

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